How It All Started


Meet Yehoshua Berger –
Your personal Esrog Shopper.

Over the course of my ten years as an Arba Minim dealer based in Lakewood, New Jersey, I’ve built a loyal client base which spans the Tri-state area. Customers appreciated the time and effort I invest in providing them with just the right esrog to suit their tastes and budgets. A common issue is that customers – even those with considerable background and expertise – simply don’t have the time to search for a set that is to their liking. It is with this in mind that I created takes an already incredible shopping experience to a whole new level! Moving from dealer to personal shopper, I put my ten years of experience and industry contacts to work to work for you – no matter where you live!


Here’s what I do:

  • I offer a variety of customizable package options to suit your preferences.
  • I comb the market of Arba Minim from the finest growers to find you just the set you looking for.
  • I buy directly from my network of growers and importers.
  • I pass on my purchasing leverage to you, the buyer, avoiding multiple price markups from redundant middlemen.
  • And finally, my service offers a recheck by Rabbi Moshe Tzvi Danziger, who is well-known for his expertise in Arba Minim. This option allows buyers to confidently purchase their Arba Minim sight unseen, with outstanding results.
Shul Discounts is a perfect solution for synagogues that provide Arba Minim purchasing for their membership. Each set purchased with your shul’s purchase code sends portion of the proceeds to your shul.

Groups & Institutions

We are pleased to offer purchasing discounts for institutions, corporate or other groupsContact us for an arrangement that will allow you to contract out the entire process to us.


All our esrogim, lulavim, and haddasim carry certifications from the most reliable hechsheirim (view here). Additionally, we also offer you the option to have your esrog checked by Rabbi Moshe Zevi Danziger Rav of Kehal Ohr Yaakov.

Ready to Order?

Our updated website and ordering system for Sukkos 5779 (2018) is enhanced for the ultimate easy daled minim shopping experience. We look forward to servicing you.

– The Esrog Shopper Team