Bronze Mehudar Set

  • Beautiful Esrog with no visible spots or blemishes that would render it unkosher. Fresh green lulav with closed top and certified set of packaged of Alef hadassim and the famed Monsey/Swiatitzky vaccum-packed arovos.

Silver Mehudar Set

  • Premium quality Esrog features an upgraded level of unblemished cleanliness and beauty. Upgraded level of hiddurim on the lulav and Hadassim and the famed Monsey/Swiatitzky vaccum-packed arovos.

Gold Mehudar Set

  • Features gold-standard gidul and cleanliness on the Esrog. Select lulavim and haddasim feature enhanced levels of beauty and superiority, together with the famed Monsey/Swiatitzky vaccum-packed arovos.

Platinum Set

  • Uncompromising level of beauty, symmetry and hiddurim for the connoisseur. Upgraded lulav, with rich green color that extends all the way up to the tightly closed top. Comes with premium level haddassim and arovos.

Chinuch Set


100% halachically kosher. Generally recommended for children under the age of Bar Mitzvah.

Varieties is affiliated with some of the most prestigious growers and importers carrying a full range of esrog varieties, including a wide variety of Chazon Ish esrogim. We deal exclusively with the highest quality Esrogim from the Eretz Yisroel and other countries. All our Esrogim come with rabbinic certification for yichus (lineage) and non-grafted purity. All our lulavim are from the renowned Deri-Kobin orchards, and our Hadassim carry the highest level meshulash certification. All our sets come with the famed Monsey/Swiatitzky arovos.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

our promise

Each and every set we sell is backed by’s 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you not 100% satisfied, we’ll refund you or exchange your set.

Delivery Charges

Due to the perishable nature of our merchandise, we offer expedited, overnight delivery on all orders. As a courtesy to customers all shipping rates are significantly subsidized at our own expense.


  • 1 Set – $5.00
  • 2 or more sets – $10.00


  • 1 Set – $25.00
  • 2 or more sets – $35.00


  • 1 Set – $35.00
  • 2 or more sets – $45.00